Moving Day

Moving Day Checklist

Prepare for one of the busiest days of your year the right way. Take a deep breath, be honest and answer: AM I READY? Not following a moving checklist will make your transition much harder. There are a number of elements to consider when arranging a move, and preparing these decisions on a moving checklist will guarantee nothing is skipped. At Full Nation Moving, our team of experts set up a detailed list for you on moving day.


Make Yourself Available

Often, the driver will have questions that only you can answer; therefore, it is important that you or someone you’ve designated be available throughout the loading process.

Clearly mark and set aside items you don’t want loaded

Marking boxes appropriately will remind you to inform the driver during your preload walkthrough what should not be loaded into the moving truck .

Make sure your important paperwork pertaining to the move doesn’t get packed and shipped with your household goods.

Unobstructed walking passages and corridors

  Produce a safe and simple place for our team and your own to be able to move around, kindly remove:

All potted plants, unnecessary ornaments from the front entrance, hallways and entrances.

Every entrance and mat.

All carpets. Our crew will protect floorings with a specific floor covering that does not slip when necessary.

Everything that sits lower than 6″ including, chandeliers, wind chimes or hanging items.

Disengage the spring on the screen gate so that it remains open during the moving process.

in case you hired the packing services as well, team up with them to keep access and moving paths clear for the truck and squad.


Mention and label special items to team

  As the moving is happening, take a moment to be specific with the driver and name the items that are extra special to you. Everything will be treated professionally and with care, but if something means the world to you, let us know so it means the world to us as well.

Designate out the load you would like to have unloaded as a priority. These crates may include a specific home area, or someone’s items. Just let us know and we will let it be loaded last, having it available for you first.


Prior to our team’s departure

Get educated and understand all the documents you are signing at this part of the process, prior departure. In the case of doubt, our driver will be glad to cover them with you.

Give the driver your unloading point information and contact, this will ensure you get noted on updates. Also, get and write down all the information our team will provide you (cellphone, license plate, truck #, satellite info).

Ask the driver if your freight is the first or last one we will be loading for the day/truck. Discover when the last load goes onto the trailer. This is a good estimation for when your belongings will be departing to its destination. Inform yourself of the logistics with the driver.



We’ve built this checklist for your moving day. Now you can better equip yourself, understanding the details and actions you can take in preparation for a relocation task will make a significant change when it comes time to move. Things as easy as the ones presented in this checklist can turn what can be a complex process into a much more natural one.

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