Long Distance

Long Distance

Moving across States? We’re here for you. Full Nation Moving’s long-distance services are available for relocations anywhere in the United States. Whether you’re moving to the next state or 4,000 miles away, you can count on our expert long-distance moving team to get your belongings where they need to be — safe, affordable and on timely. You know you can always trust Full Nation Moving!

Some people decide to move across the country and leave their state because of new opportunities, family, or just a change of air. Another person may have decided to change a complete life, starting from the beginning. Wherever your motivation lies, we will ease your project and make sure we have your back on this endeavor.

Since long-distance moving is under federal regulation for transporting items from state to state, our team and our expertise will be really important to facilitate this experience, ensuring that all you and your belongings are protected, well taken cared for and insured, so when you need them on your new location you can focus on the excitement of the experience, we’ll cover the rest.

Having experts on your side is always the best way to prepare for a move, so why not get the single best?  Besides the usual steps, there are few tips on how to prepare for a long-distance move. If you are one of those who will move, feel absolutely no commitment to contacting us now for a free quote.

We plan your long-distance moving in advance

Once you are decided on the new adventure you are about to take, one of the milestones will be the moving process itself. Having expertise in planning and making sure the details don’t become your biggest problem, there will be a huge list of tasks to get to and this can be easily managed with our help. Full Nation Moving will make sure you don’t forget about any important task. Planning for the event, we make a list of things you should do before moving. This checklist and accessory companionship must include every little step and important procedure before the relocation takes place. That involves paperwork, insurances and licenses as well. Full Nation Moving’s best advice is to tackle this as a team, so one keeps the other focused and makes sure all items in the checklist and shopping list are cleared.



  • DOCUMENTATION: As previously stated, we have a team of experts that can take care of your documentation, advisory, insurance, and all required paperwork.
  • PACKING: Full Nation Moving will provide your project with the best of materials and also be there to help you on the task as you focus on what cannot be delegated.
  • LOADING: Our philosophy here is a combination of order, space efficiency and care, making sure belongings are not shifted, unsafely positioned or rushed when loaded.
  • MOVING: At the time of the move, Full Nation Moving is the most careful, has the best trucks with the top suspension systems, licensed professional drivers, excellent location and customer service technologies to be there at all times while in transit.
  • UNLOADING: Not all is force, a lot of it has to do with technique. Once we arrive at our destination, we will be taking care of the heavy part, your role will be to coach us on the exact location for your items.
  • UNPACKING: Now, the art comes in, having an empty place look like a home is the most rewarding of experiences. Assembling, and placing furniture in its proper place as well as carefully unboxing and placing different items on different rooms is something that with our help can be done without any pain.
  • STORAGE: Even when things are not ready on the destination, Full Nation Moving will make sure your belongings are safely and carefully stored for whatever time you need to have them at your new location. Our facilities are big enough to have any item stored at any time while temperature and humidity controls take care of the correct preservation.

Long Distance

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